Strong & sculpted $179

6 week online strength program

work out from home or gym

progressive strength workouts designed by personal trainer jess. Maximise progressive overload and build real strength

GYM and HOME options available for ALL exercises!

My STRONG & SCULPTED 6 week programme will help you build strength, muscle tone and shed body fat.

For just $179 you’ll have access to a full 6-Week strength training block with video tutorials via the website; all in one super easy to use online programme!

Are you ready to get STRONG and SCULPTED?

If you:

  • Have access to a commercial gym OR 
  • Have access to 2 x moderately heavy dumbbells (or something heavy) at home
  • Can commit to a minimum of 3 sessions per week 
  • Want to learn healthy habits
  • Need some structure and guidance in your training

Then STRONG & SCULPTED is for you!

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