Face to face personal training

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what is Personal training?

As the name suggests, Personal Training is “personal”. When we chat with you, it’s our job to get a thorough understanding of your goals, lifestyle and current level of strength and fitness. From there, we write a tailored, periodised training program and, working together, we achieve your goals. You will build strength and gain confidence in no time! The service you receive for a weekly fee is comprehensive and designed for long-term adherence for guaranteed results.

How it works:

Step 1. You get in touch, and we send you an online consult form

Step 2. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 weekly PT sessions

Step 3. Choose how many additional sessions you would like programmed

Step 4. A program is created for you in an interactive app called Trainerize

Step 5. We start training!

What type of training can I get?

We offer training for:

  • Muscle growth/ toning
  • Strength 
  • Weight-loss
  • Introduction/ beginner training
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Pilates (including private group sessions)
  • Boxing/ kickboxing (including private group sessions)

What is trainerize?

Trainerize is an interactive training app. You download it (it’s free!), set up your profile, and view your training program. 


  • Video tutorials for all exercises 
  • Tracks your workouts
  • Records your personal bests
  • Instant messaging with your PT
  • Schedule in your training, and set up reminders for accountability
  • It can link to most smart watches, and even nutritional apps like My Fitness Pal


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Free passes available

Chatswood & Surrounds

Travel fee's may apply

Northern Beaches

Travel fee's may apply


Payments on a fortnightly direct debit are preferred, though training packs are also available, see below. the price includes additional programmed sessions in Trainerize, nutritional advice, unlimited changes to program and access to your trainer outside of training sessions for support and guidance. The service you receive is comprehensive and designed to get lasting results.

45 minute sessions

3 pack
6 pack
10 pack*
*includes 1 free session
direct debits also available for your convenience

60 minute sessions

3 pack
6 pack
10 pack*
*includes 1 free session
direct debits also available for your convenience

frequently asked questions

What option is best if I'm a complete beginner?

Starting a fitness journey can be really scary, and we’re here to help. If you’re new to the gym, or have only had negative experiences in the past, then I suggest starting with a 10-pack of 2 x 45 minute sessions/ wk 

10 sessions with a decent amount of face-to-face time is an ideal introduction to the basics (common exercises, movement patterns, building core strength and learning how to use equipment), and can take away a lot of the “exercise anxiety”. Once you’re more familiar with the program and training, we can reduce the amount of face-to-face time spent, and we can implement more self affected gym sessions into your program with the things you have learnt.

What if I'm self-sufficient but need some structure?

If you’re comfortable in the gym or with home training, exercising regularly, familiar with most exercises (squats, deadlifts, rows, lat pulldown, bench press) and confident in their execution; an online personal training program is probably perfect for you!

It’s only $30/wk and includes a customised program with your choice of weekly session amounts and durations, unlimited program adjustments, weekly form check videos, weekly email check ins and unlimited online support.

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