Personal Training Pre-Exercise Questionnaire & Consent Form

Performance goals include strength or fitness goals. An example might be to perform a bodyweight pull up, or squatting your own bodyweight. You can choose as many as you like; but be aware that the more performance goals you have, the longer it will take to achieve them. Focussing on one thing yields better results for that particular thing, however other parts of training will also fall behind. For the most part, a long term aim with 2-3 goals is most effective at eliciting commitment to training.
If you used to exercise regularly in the past and have good exercise knowledge, but have not done so for more than 6 months please choose 0-1 year.
NOTE: these sessions are not mandatory if written, but it can be nice to have extra sessions done each week to help speed progress. If you’re not ready or totally new to exercise, select “no” and we can always review later.
*Consider your travel and set-up time, showering afterward, family commitments, etc. Time above is specific to ONLY the session itself, including warm up. Try to be realistic and honest with yourself as you’re more likely to get them done this way!
This is not compulsory and is not relevant if you don’t wish to receive help or feedback about your eating.
NOTE: This is not compulsory and is not relevant if you don’t have weight-loss or fatloss goals, or wish to explore other methods of tracking progress that aren’t related to measurements.
You are not required to share this information with me, however if you choose not to answer it will be assumed you have no health contraindications or special considerations, and your programme might not be suitable for your needs and no responsibility will be taken for any injuries or similar that is sustained as a result of this.
*If you said no but have identified you have a contraindication to Training, you might need to seek approval from your treating physician before we can begin. I will be in touch to discuss this within 24 hrs if necessary.
Again, this is not compulsory but it will limit our ability to write effective sessions for your level without them. We will never share your videos with a third party, and you’re welcome to remove them from the chat after Jess has viewed them. These can all be performed in the privacy of your home.
*If you selected “no” please contact me at