Palmers skincare range including face mask and moisturiser

Good skin care with Palmer’s Australia

As a full-time working Mum, time at the beautician is a rare luxury. So, I've had to get creative in finding good skin care at home with Palmer's Australia.

Good skin care is super important. Our skin is the largest organ our body has, and, while I’m all about embracing our natural beauty, it doesn’t hurt to give Mother Nature a little help.

I have breakout prone skin (yep, at almost-30 I somehow ended up with the breakouts that never came as a teen!), and I also work in a gym. This means sweat, dirt and germs; so good skin care for my face and body is a must, to help calm and nourish my skin.

While it would, admittedly, be better to stay bare skinned, I feel that since I’m at work it’s more appropriate to look presentable and fresh-faced for my clients.

Home skin care doesn’t have to be difficult

So, if I’m wearing make up at the gym, and I cannot always make it to a beautician, I need to take good care of my skin between work hours on my own.

I’ve therefore taken it upon myself to find some good quality skincare for the “home salon” experience, and the lovely people at Palmer’s Australia delivered, big time! I remember using their massage oil on my baby bumps in both pregnancies, and so I was really excited to try some new goodies.

Palmers skincare range including face mask and moisturiser
The Palmer’s Australia home skincare range

The Palmer’s Australia facial at home, for glowing skin

If you’re going to do home skin care, I feel like you need to do it right.

I’m talking; line it up so it’s the day after you clean your bathroom, light some scented candles (I love Glasshouse), kick the kids and hubby out of the house (kidding… kind of…), pull out your favourite PJ’s, and run a warm bath.

A candlelit bubble bath and white walls and a green plant under the window
Relax and unwind with a candlelit bath

Step 1: Cleanse

Now you’re all set up in blissful, relaxed ambiance, it’s time to wash away your make up, dirt and other nasties.

Splash some water on your face to dampen your skin slightly, squeeze a small amount of Palmer’s creamy cleanser & make up remover into your palm, rub your hands together and then apply to your skin in small, gentle circles. I always begin at my forehead, nose and cheeks (the T-zone), and work my way out. Don’t forget your neck, too! Once it’s a little foamy, use a wash cloth to gently remove the excess.

A good skincare routine is important for a glowing complexion

I like to twice-wash when I’m pampering, for a really deep clean. So if that’s up your alley, repeat the previous step! But do take care not to do this too often, as it can strip your skin of its natural oils and make it really dry.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps removes dead skin cells, so if you’re breakout prone like I am, this is a really useful beauty-step to add into your skin care routine.

Pop a squeeze of Palmer’s exfoliating facial scrub on your fingers and, following the same path as the cleanse, gently massage the product onto your face and neck for around 30 seconds.

Tip: I like to use warm, running water to remove the scrub, rather than a wash cloth, as I find it can be a bit harsh after the double-cleanse.

Gently pat dry your face with a clean towel. Now is the time to top up the hot water in your bath and light those candles…

Step 3: Detoxifying Coconut Charcoal Mask, and a warm bath

This sheet mask smells divine and feels even better. Unfold the mask and smooth it out over your face; particularly around your nose and cheeks, and then hop into the bath to create your lovely 10 minute zen zone.

Jess Neill with a charcoal face mask on, pulling a face and showing the face wash products from Palmers
Pamper yourself with a gorgeous coconut charcoal detoxifying mask

This is the perfect moment for a hair mask, if you want to be really fancy

I’ve been enjoying audio books lately (I mean, why use my own brain when someone else can do the reading for me?), so I popped on my book quietly, and just basked in the warmth and soft candlelight.

(I’ll admit, I didn’t manage to kick my kids and partner out of the house and my 6 year old son really needed to use the bathroom in that 10 minutes, but for the most part, it was fabulous #mumlife).

Before you get pruny and dehydrated, it’s time to get out, pat dry your skin, and remove the mask. You actually rub in the excess this time, instead of removing it, which I found my skin really enjoyed.

Self care means giving yourself permission to pause.

Cecilia Tran

Step 4: Moisturise

Your skin absorbs best when it’s ever so slightly damp, so right after a bath or shower is an opportune moment to replenish dehydrated, rough skin. I recommend something with vitamin E, as it nourishes and always feels silky and amazing for hours afterward.

I found the Palmer’s cocoa butter formula to be, therefore, the perfect finisher to this amazing home pamper session, especially being fragrance-free and not super thick and gooey like some high- moisture products; (though admittedly, my face needs something a little lighter, so I used my own for that part).

Palmer’s have a great range of products that you can use for a home-salon experience found here.

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