What is online Personal Training

An online programme is like having me as a PT in your pocket! Train with me from anywhere in the word. We will undertake a virtual consultation to get a thorough understanding of your goals, lifestyle and current level of strength and fitness. From there, I write a tailored, periodised training programme. Working together we achieve your goals, build strength and gain confidence. The service you’ll receive is comprehensive, and designed for long-term adherence for guaranteed results. 

It’s ideal for you to have some specific objectives and goals for remote programming. Whether that’s a specific amount to lift in a barbell squat, to do an unassisted pull up, or to lose a specific amount of CM’s from your waist. I believe goals are the key to success!

These programmes are perfect for those who have a sound knowledge of most gym exercises, are self-sufficient and self-motivated, but who are after some structure and tangible results in their training.

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What’s Included:

  • A customised, periodised training programme of at least 12 weeks duration
  • Includes links to video tutorials for all exercises
  • Weekly check-in and form check videos (via email or Facebook messenger)
  • Unlimited support via email or Facebook messenger
  • Nutritional advice or referral

*My online programmes are not suitable for beginners. I expect you to have a good knowledge of basic exercises; particularly for squats and deadlifts, have access to a commercial gym or well-equipped home gym, and be already in a regular workout regime.

Online Personal Training

$30/ wk

minimum 12 weeks, paid via weekly direct debit

View full terms and conditions here

Client testimonials

0422 241 606

Find me at Crunch Fitness, Chatswood

Level 1, 1-5 Station Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

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