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Squat Butt Wink- How to Fix It

Butt wink is a common cause for complaint amongst gym-goers. But why does it occur, and how bad is it really?

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Exercise programmes and their benefits

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what is involved in following an exercise programme, look no further. I cover all the basics of a programme and why it could be the best way to achieve your goals.

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How to meal prep

Personal Chef, Alex Rahme shares her tips for efficient (and delicious) meal prep. She believes that just a few ingredients done well, is the key to a perfect meal.

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High Protein Breakfast

As a trainer, I’m always preaching a high protein diet as one of the simplest ways to keep your energy levels up throughout the whole day, and shed those kilo’s at the same time. I always tell people a high protein breakfast will kick off your day, the right way. Find out why!

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How to maintain muscle without a gym

Whether its an upcoming holiday, illness (or even a global pandemic), gym-lovers everywhere are constantly in a panic about their hard-earned muscles deteriorating. The good news is that with a bit of careful tweaking to your daily routine, you can help minimise the loss of lean muscle mass until you’re back in the gym and kicking butt again!