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Jn Fit, Northern BEaches & chatswood

Jess Neill, Founder

Jess is a Mum of two and Personal Trainer with a background in Pilates and Pre and Post Natal Care. She has over 7 years experience in 1:1 mens & women’s strength training, pregnancy and post natal care, boxing and posture improvement. Jess has an understanding approach to training, and doesn’t believe in “quick fixes”, but does believe in exercise combined with lifestyle changes that are results-driven and restorative.

You will never receive a “just try harder” answer from Jess. She is committed to improving the overall wellness of her clients by listening to the daily habits, mental health and lifestyle barriers they face, and working alongside them to establish lasting habits and changes. Jess’ years of experience and friendly nature will have you feeling right at home with training. Jess is also a proud supporter of the “Healthy At Any Size” movement, and strongly advocates for equality and inclusion in fitness for all walks of life.

“As a Mum of two and business owner, I know exactly how much of a struggle finding the time for self-care can be. I strongly believe that every person should know their bodies’ capabilities, and I am committed to finding attainable ways for my clients to achieve their goals, while still enjoying the small pleasures in life”


Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Mat Pilates Instructor

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Core & pelvic floor restoration

Kettlebell & Functional Movement

Currently studying: Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Exercise)

Jess Neill smiling at the beach in workout clothes

Josie Bulman, Personal Trainer

Josie is a personal trainer who is big on shifting the focus of health and fitness away from aesthetics, and towards performance, improving quality of living, and promoting mental wellbeing. Josie is passionate about creating sustainable and healthy relationships with food and exercise, and views fitness as a means to improve your life outside of the gym.

Josie is about to complete her Bachelors degree in Sports and Exercise Management, and has a history of Physiotherapy study, so is well educated in human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, the science behind exercise, and effective programming. That being said, Josie is passionate about exercise being simple and accessible to everyone, so applies her knowledge subtly in a way that benefits her clients.

Josie is a trainer who wants you to leave her sessions feeling better than when you walked in. She understands that everyone’s goals, needs and preferences are different, and that one day you may need a killer HIIT session and the next you might just need a chat. Josie aims to fulfil all these needs and support you along your health and fitness journey, whatever stage you may be at. 


Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Currently studying: Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management (final year)

JN Fit Specialty areas

Beginner Strength Training For Women

Posture Correction & lower Back Pain management

Core Stability Improvement

Mobility and flexibility improvement

Pre and post-natal care

Boxing & Kickboxing 

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