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Northern Beaches and Chatswood

Welcome! I'm Jess, a Personal Trainer and Online Strength Coach from Sydney's Northern Beaches

I have over 6 years experience training men and women of all ages, pre and post natal women, and teens from beginner to advanced levels of strength, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

I don’t believe in quick fixes, but I do believe in exercise that is results-driven and restorative.


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A woman sitting down and holding her hands over her lower belly, with a red tone around it indicating pain

Your period and training

Ever wondered why some days you feel like superwoman, and then the very next week you can only think about carbs and Netflix?
Learn about how your period can affect your mood, sex drive, strength and energy levels (and how to plan around them).

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A lady sitting at an office desk with a computer, grabbing her neck and lower back and wincing in pain

Exercises for busy Sydney office workers

Building strong postural muscles for office workers is highly important. Along with some helpful strengthening exercises, I will take you through some other basic tips that you can implement in your day to day life, to improve your wellbeing.

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